Business advisory services

Business advisory services

We offer an independent business review that provides a sound base from which business owners, lenders or investors can finalize a lending or investment decision.
All business environments change and as we know this can create as many opportunities as it does threats. With ever more rapid change, lenders, investors and venture capitalists often require an independent business review to be carried out by accountants before finalizing a lending or investment decision.

An independent business review may cover

•    current trading and financial position
•    profit and cashflow forecasts
•    business and financial strategies
•    sensitivity analysis
•    management and systems
•    security cover
Where necessary, we will help managers to produce fully integrated trading and cashflow projections using the latest spreadsheet techniques.

Types of assignment undertaken

•    pre-lending/ investment reviews - reassuring management, lenders and investors
•    liquidity and viability - providing an objective view at times of exposure and risk
•    monitoring - regular endorsement that the business is performing to an agreed plan
•    turnarounds and reconstructions - helping management to overcome financial distress
•    Corporate finance - raising additional working capital or reconstructing existing debt

The next step

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